Due to the current development of exchange rates, long-distance travel is becoming more expensive and many Germans are choosing to vacation in Europe. Traveling far away can still pay off: These three dreamy travel destinations in the Indian Ocean pay in euros. If you want to travel smart, book now.
  • Mauritius (“Royal Palm Hotel” and “Dinaborin Golf Spa”)
  • Maldives (“Baros Maldives”)
  • No preference yet? We are happy to help.

The Indian Ocean attracts this year not only with lonely beaches and luxurious retreats, but also with the best conditions. The three retreats selected by the luxury travel company INTOSOL impress not only with their elegant furnishings, culinary delights and great sports offers, but also with the option of paying in euros and thus saving money despite the euro crisis.

Dream island Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the best golf areas in the world. In addition to golf and excellent courts, wellness and the finest gourmet cuisine are of course also offered. Beaches, water sports, diving spots – Mauritius is the “place to be” for everyone who longs for sun, sport and enjoyment. The “Royal Palm” and the “Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa” are among the best addresses on the island. The exclusive resorts are hidden between sugar cane plantations, green mountains and powdered sugar white beaches , privacy and relaxation are guaranteed here.

Exclusive luxury vacation in the Maldives

There are always a thousand reasons to fly to the Maldives . The “Baros Maldives” is just one of them. Even if one of the most beautiful. The “Baros Maldives” is one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Only 25 minutes by speedboat from Mahé International Airport, the “Baros Maldives” in the south of the North Male Atoll offers its guests 75 stylish villas, lush vegetation, secluded sun decks with a view of the blue and romance for couples who want solitude and Seek calm.


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