“God I Wish That Were Me” refers to a DeviantArt comment by user BigJB21 in response to an adult baby fetish digital art image.


On January 15th, 2011, DeviantArtist[3] misssuan002 posted a 3D art image featuring a small man being cradled cradled like a baby by a larger woman (shown below). On October 16th, 2012, DeviantArt user BigJB21 posted the message “god i wish that were me” in the comment section for the image.

BigJB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me joint leg girl


On April 7th, 2015, a screenshot of the 3D art and BigJB21’s comment was submitted to /r/CringeAnarchy,[5] where it received more than 1,300 votes (97% upvoted) and 60 comments prior to being archived. That day, a screenshot of BigJB21’s DeviantArt profile page was uploaded to Imgur, showing that he had a collection of diaper fetish art titled “Diapered Kids” (shown below).

BigJ B21 (James Boyce)-C × ← → c Db.gib21.deviantart.com 17 DEVIANT ART SHOP MOBILE MORE SUBMIT Join Login BigJB21 @Profile Gallery Prints ☆ Favourites Journal James Varied / Hobbyist Member James Boyce 25/Male/United States Deviant for 3 Years Needs Premium Membership 64 Deviations 729 Comments 14,871 Pageviews Newest Deviations Activity BigJB21 added to this collection 4 days ago diapered kids 128 deviations Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by BigJB21 1 Comment Minecraft Me by Big)B21 2 Comments Penny Secret chest davidcool1989 New Surfing Pose Rosa by BigJB21 O Comments by Big)B21 O Comments Browse Gallery Favourites Dressing Him cute davidcool 1989 Sweet Beverage davidcoo!1989 web page text software technology

On April 25th, 2016, the image was reposted to /r/CringeAnarchy.[1] On May 9th, DeviantArtist TimeForSP posted an illustration of BigJB21’s profile image titled “God I Wish That Were Me” (shown below). That month, a Facebook page titled “BigJB21” was launched, gathering more than 3,100 likes in the next eight months.

face nose facial expression skin head cheek portrait forehead mouth art

On August 19th, the They Boot Too Big For They Gotdamn Feet Facebook[2] page posted a photograph of a woman walking a large group of chihuahua dogs with the caption “God I wish that were me.” On October 30th, 2016, a post about the DeviantArt comment was submitted to the /r/ (Adult Requests) board on 4chan.[4]

File: x7wuDSazMtvmdzo405z3wWtrK6w_ ImY3TxmbQGBPxAYipa (69 KB, 640x638) Image search: [iadb] Thread replies: 8 SauceNaol lGooglel Thread images: 6 Anonymous 2016-10-30 04:55:15 Post No. 14932461 [Report What is the origin of this? I'm trying to find it, but it just keeps hyperlinking to the same page results or, a re-upload of the exact same image Thanks in advance. 亢 Anonymous 2016-10-30 07:15:05 Post No.14932664 [Report] http://www.deviantart.com/art/God-l-wish-that-were-me- 608142915 BigJB21 oct 16, 2012 | Anonymous 2016-10-30 07:18:54 Post No.14932670 [Report] god i wish that were meGoogle File: images (1ipa (7 KB, 259x194) Image search: Liadbl ISauceNaol text purple joint shoulder

On January 20th, 2017, the communist_memes Instagram[7] page posted a photograph of Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, followed by BigJB21’s comment superimposed with a picture of Hillary Clinton (shown below).

BigJB21 Nov 9, 2018 god i wish that were me Donald Trump Hillary Clinton United States of America Donald Trump 2017 presidential inauguration

Various Examples

BigJB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me facial expression cartoon text nose BISJEB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me Donald Trump Melania Trump Barron Trump Reince Priebus Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Washington, D.C. Donald Trump 2017 presidential inauguration suit BigJB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me Pyrrha Nikos Jaune Arc cartoon mammal BigJB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me Cat BigJB21 Oct 16, 2012 god i wish that were me god i wish that mereme text art