A desk on the beach: Resort in the Maldives offers home office in paradise

Combining work and vacation – this is what a luxury resort in the Maldives wants to make possible. What sounds like paradise for office workers in the home office is a chance for survival for the tourism industry. Some are plunging the coronavirus pandemic into crisis, others see it as an opportunity. The Maldives are suffering from the fact that many people are foregoing long-distance travel to the Indian Ocean this year – entry for Germans has only been possible again since July 15 – but the small state is wooing people who want to do their work from there . The arguments are convincing: great weather, fantastic beaches – and now there is also a special offer from a resort. The luxury resort “The Nautilus Maldives” would like to attract all those who work in the home office during the pandemic and maybe even beyond. Work and vacation can be combined there : Anyone who can do their work digitally from anywhere in the world can do it just as well on the beach. The so-called “Workation Package” includes up to 21 days on which you can work from the Maldives. Maldives: Working in the Indian Ocean You do your job in a luxurious environment – on a private island in the middle of the picturesque Baa Atoll, with a view of the ocean . According to the provider, the offer includes daily yoga lessons, meditation sessions and fitness courses, and those who want can also look out for dolphins on a luxury yacht. All of this after work, of course. During working hours you sit at a desk on the beach in the shade – your colleagues are guaranteed to be jealous during the video call. And technically, everything a well-equipped office needs should be available, from the telephone to the printer, assure the operators of the resort. A negative Covid-19 test is required to enter the Maldives – the staff will take care of all other formalities, the offer promises. Those interested, however, must have earned good money in the Maldives before they start working. The package costs for two people $ 23,250 for seven nights, $ 27,850 for 14 nights and $ 52,000 for three weeks, reports CNN . Island states fight for tourists The resort has been open again since September 1st. In countries like the Maldives, which are economically extremely dependent on tourism, creativity is now required so that income does not collapse completely during the ongoing pandemic. However, some holiday countries have discovered mobile working as an opportunity: The government of Barbados is already offering a special one-year visa for people who want to work and live on the Caribbean island.

Italian village offers free holidays – thousands of guests want to come

Enjoy “La dolce vita” – completely free of charge. The Italian village of San Giovanni in Galdo is currently advertising this. The problem: there are already far too many applicants for the one week free vacation. The village of San Giovanni in the Molise region in southern Italy wanted to attract tourists. The small town offered a total of 40 holiday accommodations – free of charge for one week each. The only condition in the online advertisement of the local cultural association Amici del Morrutto : Provide as creative a reason as possible why you would like to go on holiday in San Giovanni. The offer (only overnight stays, meals not included) has been in effect since July 4th and runs until October 3rd. According to the organizers, three houses will be provided for this, each with two, three or four beds. No mass tourism: free holidays in San Giovanni If you long for peace and relaxation far from mass tourism, this is the right place for you. San Giovanni in Galdo has just 500 inhabitants, the next larger town is Campobasso. Naples is about two hours away by car, Rome three. Thousands of requests However , if you still want to apply now, you should hurry: According to the ” Travelbook “, a total of 8,000 inquiries have already been received (as of August 21). However, the village can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests per week. Italy is trying to get back on its feet after the Corona crisis . Another offer attracted attention in June. The village of Cinquefrondi in southern Italy had offered vacant houses for a purchase price of just one euro – on one condition .