What about keeping your distance in popular places? Live streams on the web reveal how crowded it really is this summer. A virtual journey through southern Europe – from Portugal to Spain and Italy to the beaches of Greece.

Photos can be deceptive, for example the motifs from the beach in Barceloneta, which is said to be crowded at the end of July. Nobody on Barcelona’s house beach wears a mask. But the pictures of the sensational reports of overcrowded stretches of beach in the media were taken at an earlier point in time.

Anyone who even calls up one of the many webcams on Spain or Italy’s beaches will be taught better and see the current situation in this Corona summer: distance is everything. That is why we have listed links to ten tourist hotspots on this page.

Barcelona beach

In the past few days, photos of the crowded beach in Barceloneta have been shown again and again, where social distancing seems to be a foreign word. In reality it looks very different on the beach promenade.

Bay of Palma de Mallorca

Drinking bouts at Ballermann and how crowded is the Platja de Palma? A webcam sends a 24-hour live stream from the beach at Ballermann 1.

Lloret de Mar in Catalonia

This place on the Costa Brava is particularly popular with young people who hang out there to party. The webcam shows how things are going for the party vacation on the beach this year.

Tenerife in the Canary Islands

The flags flutter in the wind, ferries from the neighboring islands dock in the background, and there is hardly anything going on on the beach promenade. This webcam in the south of Tenerife is in Los Christianos.

Spanish Steps in Rome

Only a few passers-by are currently walking up Rome’s famous 136 steps to the church of Santa Trinità dei Monti. The special thing about this webcam: The transmission takes place with sound. If you are patient, you can even hear the policeman’s whistle when a tourist wants to sit on the steps.

Verona Arena

In the summer months an opera is performed every evening in the amphitheater in the Italian city of Verona . But this year there is only a very limited music program. The webcam shows the place in front of the amphitheater, where the props for the changing scenery are usually placed.

Jesolo on the Adriatic

The city northeast of Venice with its wide sandy beach is particularly popular with German holidaymakers. The webcam with the fisheye lens shows the current situation: The loungers and parasols are set up with a sufficient safety distance. And there are still plenty of loungers available for sunbathing.

St. Mark’s Square in Venice

One of the main attractions of the lagoon city is the Piazza San Marco. It is usually very busy there: tourists take photos of each other in front of the portal of St. Mark’s Basilica or feed pigeons, which is actually prohibited. Via the webcam, you can not only get an impression of how many visitors the square has right now, but also whether flooding may flood the square.

Beach in Crete

In the village of Mátala on the south coast of the Greek island of Crete, Zeus is said to have gone ashore in the form of a bull with the Phoenician princess Europe he kidnapped. Today there are a few parasols and vacationers cool off in the waters of the Mediterranean. The webcam is not fixed, but swings left and right.

Beach in the Algarve

In the south of Portugal, the Algarve stretches with countless bays and sandy beaches. A webcam with a regular change of perspective shows the activity on Peneco Beach via live stream and zooms in and out of certain details.

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